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Xmas 2024

What's the deadline for Christmas despatch? December 11th 2024

  • Orders placed up to Dec 11th will be despatched before Christmas.
  • Actual delivery is down to An Post - we can't ever guarantee when you get a print. Please use common sense and order early.
  • Orders placed after Dec 11th may still be processed and sent out before Christmas but as above, it's not possible for us to guarantee a delivery date.   
  • Make sure you use a valid address for where you will be right up to 24th December - we can't change an address. 
  • ONCE AGAIN: We are not responsible for a late delivery by An Post. Once we despatch, delivery is out of our hands. We will not, under any circumstances be liable for a late delivery at Christmas as this is beyond our control.   
  • We will be shipping again on January 3rd 2023.

Can I order after December 11th?

Yes you can but it may not despatch before Christmas.  For reasons we have explained below, we don't turn off our website after our deadline has passed and therefore it will still be possible to place an order after our deadline has passed and your order will stand. This page has been on our site since late September in an effort to communicate as clearly and as early as possible regarding our policies around Christmas orders. 

If I'm collecting from Kinsale can I order later?

Sorry, no.  The deadline applies to all orders whether we are despatching or whether you're collecting from Kinsale. The only exception is for gift voucher orders which can be placed any time right up to December 25th.  (But you'll need to print the voucher out yourself.)

If I order on the Express Service, can I order after the deadline?

Sorry, this is not possible. You can order and pay for the Express Service after our deadline but it won't make a difference after December 21st as all orders have to ship during the final week before Christmas. 

Has my print shipped yet?

We send fulfillment notifications when your print ships so if you haven't got that yet, your order probably hasn't shipped. Please be patient with us - lead times get longer at this time of year, despite our best efforts.  

In December, we will generally ship orders placed between 1st and 7th December by 12th December. If you place your order after December 7th, it's likely to ship between 19th and 20th December.

If you order after 10th December, don't expect your order to ship before December 19th - most will ship between 19th and 21st. And please understand there is a chance of delay in the postal system at this time which may mean your order arrives after Christmas or New Year.   

Is my print ready for collection yet?

The same lead times apply to orders for collection from Kinsale as apply to orders that are shipping. Generally orders placed after December 7th will not be available for collection until the weekend of December 18th at the earliest - unless by prior arrangement and agreement. We do need to prioritise orders for delivery as earlier deadlines apply.  We will be open up to 23rd December to facilitate collections from Kinsale and you will get an e-mail notification when your order is ready for collection. 

Can I change my delivery address?

Sorry but we can't accept changes to delivery addresses so make sure you will be at your delivery address to accept the order. You will have the option of collecting from your local post office if delivery is attempted and you're not there. 

I'm not going to be in work after Dec 21st or 22nd so need my order before then.

Please understand that we can't prioritise your order just because you won't be available at your intended delivery address beyond a certain point. This happens once or twice every year:(

We do understand that some customers will be finishing work early for Christmas or may be travelling during Christmas week but we may not be able to accommodate all these factors - especially if you've ordered in the last week prior to our Christmas deadline. If you are ordering after December 7th, we'd advise you to use an address where you will be available right up to Christmas eve or where you'll be able to collect from your local post office. 

No express orders accepted after Dec 11th

Ordering on our Express Service after Dec 11th will not make your print arrive quicker but you will be charged! We're under so much pressure by this time, that every single order gets the same priority and we work night and day to get them out.  

Can I order by e-mail instead of on the website?

Due to high volumes and increased pressure, we are unable to accept orders by e-mail or over the phone in the run up to Christmas - you must order online. E-mails can be unreliable, can get overlooked or dropped.  Therefore our policy is not to accept e-mail orders in the run up to Christmas. 

What's the deadline for gift voucher orders?

December 25th! You can order a gift voucher at any time and print it out from your home PC, tablet or mobile device. 

Why are you accepting orders after your deadline for Christmas has passed?

We don't "turn off" our website as customers may want to order gift vouchers right up to December 25th and some people are happy to order, knowing they will get their print after Christmas.  For these reasons, we will still accept orders placed after our Christmas deadline and you will not have an automatic right to cancel outside of our normal terms and conditions. 

Finally, Happy Christmas to all our customers!

We are incredibly grateful to all our customers for their continued support, referrals and positive reviews.  We wish you all a wonderful Christmas and a very happy New Year.  

I've ordered after the deadline or over Christmas. When can I expect delivery?

If you've ordered after December 10th and we don't get to it before the final pick up from An Post on December 23rd, you should not expect your print until week commencing 4th January.  We will not be open between Christmas and New Year and there will be a backlog of orders to process in early January. 

When was this page last updated? 

This page was last updated on 9th January 2024.