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Father's Day Ireland Ultimate Gift Guide

16 Mar 2024
Father's Day Ireland Print Gift Guide

Father's Day Ultimate Gift Guide 

Update: This year Father’s Day falls on Sunday 16th June, 2024 and since we have a little time to get organised, we wanted to put together a list of some of our most popular Father’s Day gift ideas to give  you some really unique, thoughtful gift ideas for your Dad.

Timelines for Organising these ideas

First off, some advice about timelines and when you need to start planning these print ideas for Father's Day.  The good news is that some of them take literally a few minutes to order and need next to no work on your end.  For example, The Cork Not Cork / Your County Whatever print falls into this category.  Pick the county your Father was born in, select the size and you are good to go.

Some of the other ideas in our Father’s Day Ultimate Gift Guide do need a little more work and planning.  For example, the Framed Collage idea will need you to gather the photos together. 

If you’re planning on using old photos of your Father, then give yourself a few weeks to do the legwork - especially if you need to get the photos from various sources, scan them or photograph them on your phone and then get sign off on the design.  

Generally it can take about 10 days from ordering through to despatch for one of our collage prints and then you need to allow for transit.  So ideally, try to finalise your Father’s Day photo gift idea by the start of June if possible.  For more details on our lead times, check out our FAQ page

Budgets for our Father’s Day Ultimate Gift Ideas

Regarding budges, we’ve tried to cover a few different bases.  Our Father’s Day gift ideas start from just €50 and that includes despatch (free delivery in Ireland). Some of the other photo printing ideas are a little more expensive so it just depends on your budget.  Perhaps you’re planning on joining forces with siblings to get a joint gift for your Dad - if that’s the case, then I think all of these gifts are practical gift ideas that will not break the bank.

Remember, your Father will not need or even want some huge, overly expensive gift to celebrate Father’s Day.  Writing as a father myself, what really matters is time - time spent with each other on the day and just enjoying being together.  Father’s Day gifts are just the icing on the cake.  But I think what sets our list of ideas apart is that they’re so personal - so unique and so thoughtful.  Anyone can go out and buy a nice pair of socks or a shirt but tracking down all photos and creating something really unique out of them is a Father’s Day gift that will be remembered forever!

Technical Queries - Just Ask for Help!

We totally get that organising some of these online photo print ideas - especially when you have a hard deadline like Father’s Day can be a bit stressful.  But seriously, don’t worry about - just let us do the work and give you the advice you need to make your Dad a lovely gift he’ll really appreciate. We’ve been doing this stuff for years and we know how to get something sorted in double quick time that will be the icing on the cake for the day.  

You can email us, chat to us on social or just give us a call.  We can help you get the right format and file size and talk you through the process of digitising old photos that might only exist as physical prints.  For collages, we can create some gorgeous custom layouts and then work with you on changes and amends until you’re happy to push the button. 

Our Ultimate Advice - Keep it Personal for Father’s Day

If you take just one piece of advice way from this Ultimate Gift Guide for Father’s Day - it’s this: keep it simple and keep it personal.  Unique gifts always hit the mark - and what’s more unique than a photo of your Dad! 

Father’s Day Wooden Photo Block

Size: 60x30cm

Price: €115

Wooden Photo Block Ireland

This is our number one idea for a wonderful Father’s Day Gift - it’s the Ultimate Gift for Father’s Day that is bound to surprise and delight your Dad in equal measure.

Our advice would be to stick to about 6-9 photos.  Any more and the layout can get a bit cramped.  We’d also suggest a mix of old and new photos of Dad - maybe some of when he was a child himself, one or two of his parents and then a couple of the kids and, if there are any grandchildren, include them too.  We can convert some of them to black and white to mix things up if you like.

What’s very nice about the Wood Photo Block is that it’s very different to the usual canvas or framed print and the 60x30cm panoramic shape gives it an added difference which puts this gift idea at the top of the pile for Father’s Day.

Allow about 2 weeks in total for turnaround but if you’ve left it late, talk to us and we’ll see what we can do.


Father’s Day Instagram Framed Print 2x2

30x30cm Frame


We're focusing on some nice framed print gift ideas here and this idea is for a .  a 2x2 instagram style framed print.  This involves selecting four square shaped images in total and we print them arranged as a 2x2 square framed print.  You can select any sort of images at all for this but holiday trips, close ups of Dad and maybe some of Dad with the kids/grandkids would be a nice mix.  You know your Dad best - maybe he’s got some outdoor hobbies, maybe he loves to travel and you’ve got some great pictures of him relaxing.  Simply combine your favourite four photos and off you go.  This print can be ordered on the site or via the app in just a few minutes and will need about 7-9 days in total lead time. 


Framed Collage Print


Father’s Day Your County / Whatever



Was your Father lucky enough to be born in Cork? Then look no further than our famous Cork / Not Cork print - in the frame at just €50 for the 8x10” size.  But fear not, we’ve designed a version for every County in the country so no matter where’s he’s from you can give him a good chuckle with his very own County print.  

For each version of the Your County / Whatever print, we’ve used County Colours in the design to give your Father some extra pride and joy and the 8x10” framed print size comes with a handy strut back on the reverse so it can stand up on a book case or sideboard.  The 12x16” size comes with hanging fixtures on the reverse - perfect for the downstairs toilet or hall so everyone who comes into the house can get a good laugh out of it. 

Lead time for Gift idea number 3 in our Ultimate Gift Guide for Father’s Days is short - we can send this out in a few days if you’re really stuck!

Father’s Day Caption Print



Caption Print Ireland

Here’s a nice idea that will be part of the new version of the website when it launches over the summer.  It’s called a “Caption Print” and it’s basically a photo print with some text at the base that you can personalise with a message or a title.  It might be a trip you took with your Father, or a photo of your Dad at your wedding or maybe a nice photo of Dad and the whole family.  Whatever the photo, with  our handy Caption tool on the site, you will be able to personalise the message and title with a Father’s Day message if you want.

In advance of this product being rolled out on the new site, we can create a bespoke Caption for you and send you the proofs by email for approval.  

This will need a little extra time to organise so allow about 10-12 days in total from ordering to despatch but once again, if you’ve left it late for Father’s Day, just talk to us and we will do our best to help.


So there it is - four wonderful ideas for Father's Day that combine either online photo printing or just personalised gifts that will be a lovely surprise for your Dad on a special day that brings the whole family together.  We’re here to answer any questions or queries you might have on any of these Father’s Day ideas and remember, it’s the thought that counts so just make it personal and take it from me, you can’t go wrong!

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